Help when choosing equipment

  • Carving ski very easy, no more than 3- 4- 5 years old, suitable for groups of kids who want to spend less but still ski safely

  • Carving ski no more than 3 years old, suitable for kids and adults looking to enjoy themselves with maximum safety and a little bit more speed. Very good quality and price

  • Carving ski no more than 2 years old, for an uncompromising ski experience: fun on any terrain, always ready, suitable for an exacting skier who is willing to spend a bit more to have much more

  • New skis suitable for those accustomed to always having the best If you love to ski and can afford to spend a little bit more than expected these are what you have been looking for ....they’re worth it!

  • Suitable for beginners to ski mountaineering who need to figure out if it appeals to them before making an expensive purchase A lightweight ski no more than 3 years old. Skins and telescopic poles included in the price

  • Storage area suitable for groups of kids and adults looking for a convenient service whereby they don’t have to carry their equipment back to the hotel but at the same time don’t want to spend much. Wet boots in the morning Service only available at ski rental in Fai della Paganella

  • This is a family friendly service, ideal to avoid carrying skis back to the hotel and you will also benefit from hot dry boots every morning. Very good value for money.

  • Very handy if, in addition to skis and boots you also want to leave a helmet or a backpack. Recommended for those on holiday who want every comfort and are willing to spend a little more to get more. Service only available at the rentals at via Laghet and at località Rindole