Craftsmanship and tecnology... are our philosophy ...

Our expert Enrico with experience of over 40 years in the field and for the past 5 years, Mattia working alongside him gaining all the tricks of the trade, combined with the German technology of the new Wintersteiger Mercury machine, will get you results at the highest levels with respect to the finish of the top foil and edge angle tuning, enabling your equipment to give you the ski run of your dreams. This enables us to be regarded as the workshop of choice by all sports fans who share our passion for skiing!

To make the most of your equipment, it should be checked and repaired at the end of each season. Ski waxing before the summer maintains the top foil and protects the base layers from rust. The workshop operates all year round for other jobs:competition waxing with basic or thermobox wax mounting and adjustment of bindings, gluing, top foil repairs, custom made skins, glue renewal on skins, replacing boot hooks, boot adjustments ice skate sharpening.


Specialized ski workshop, list of works

  • Repair and maintenance of downhill ski, mountaineering ski, telemark ski, cross-country ski and snowboard top foils.

    The repair of a top foil which is just slightly damaged, the repair can be done by hand, but if the base is very damaged an automated machine will be used. For particularly large scratches, an insert will be used and if deep, a specific primer will be used. All will be carried hand and subsequently refined with the help of our Tazzari machinery. For the final touch skiing will be smoothed off and marked with the Wintersteiger Mercury machine: the best German technology in the industry.

  • Standardized and personalized markings for downhill skis, mountaineering skis, telemark skis, cross-country skis and snowboards

    We can make any kind of marking on your ski. With the advice of our staff you will definitely find that most suitable to your kind of skiing or type of snow. If you want, your design can also be stored by our machines for future use.

  • Ski edge filing for downhill, mountaineering ski, telemark and snowboarding

    The basis for a successful ski trip is the angle of the edge: our technicians with the help of Wintersteiger machinery guarantee you absolute precision. Our machinery allows side angel from 86° to 89.5° and the tuning angle of 0.5° to 4°, all worked on ceramic stones, for greater ease of skiing. The tip and tail are worked using a polishing disc. Leaving nothing to chance, our experts give each ski a final once over with a diamond stone. In case of special breaks, we also do base inserts up to a maximum length of 40 cm.

  • Basic, fluorinated and thermobox waxing for downhill, mountaineering, telemark skiing and snowboarding

    For a basic waxing the wax is spread with a Venini belt waxer, for race preparation, cross-country or on request, the wax is spread using a Toko iron waxer. For more demanding clients we have a wide choice of fluorinated ski waxes and Tazzari thermobox wax for the best top foil treatment. Our experts use Toko waxesand tools.

  • Ski mountaineering skins

    To ensure the best ascent to our mountaineering skiers, we provide a wide range of skins , mohair, nylon and a selection of the following brands: Ferrino, Montana, Contour, Skitrab, Colltex, Pomoca. Can be customized with skins of various widths and lengths and with tip-tail hooks. Cleaning and renewal of glue on your own skins.

  • Ski straightening metal a layer.

    We will only proceed with ski straightening after careful review.

  • Gluing

    Gluing of all types of downhill, mountaineering, telemark, cross-country skiing, freeride and freestyle skis and snowboards and more. With our Tazzari heat presses and using Araldite bicomponent glues, we can glue all types of equipment.

  • Assembly and adjustment of bindings for downhill, mountaineering, telemarking, cross-country, freeride and freestyle skis and snowboards.

    The first step to a safe ski run is the correct position and adjustment of bindings. For this reason, we have templates of all the brands, to ensure the proper and careful installation of ski bindings. The right adjustment guarantees you the release of the binding at the right time in the event of a fall, avoiding annoying. If your new boot is much longer or shorter than the old one, we can safely redrill the holes, refill old holes and replace the old binding correctly. Ask our advice as to the regulation of your bindings or simply to clarify any doubts about how to set or mount your bindings.

  • Boots

    Using a piston operated machine equiped and with the help of heat, we can widen or lengthen the shell of the bootin order to solve big problems, and to remedy a wrong purchase, or you can customize the boot to fit your needs. Before working on the shell, if the liner is thermoformable, we will try to solve the issue with our Dalbello Thermo Linermachine. Replacement hooks, heels and tips, for the following brands: Tecnica, Dalbello, Nordica, Salomon, Lange, Rossignol, Atomic, Dynafit, Garmount and Scott. Assistance with and replacement of Boa closure systems for snowboard boots.

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